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RolliTech RolliBot BL618 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with UV Sterilization (Black)

Click to enlargeManufacturer: RolliTech
MFG Part Number: BL618
Manufacturer Web Page
Condition: New
Packaging: Retail Box

Our Part Number:

Price: $ 229.99


RolliBot BL618 Vacuum Cleaning Robot is designed to sweep, vacuum, mop, and UV sterilize your flooring. Featuring dual sweepers into a powerful vacuum, the RolliBot BL618 will remove dirt, dust, hair, debris and harmful allergens from your floor. The RolliBot mopping attachment makes mopping your floor quick and easy. The UV sterilization light will kill germs and bacteria on every vacuum cycle. The automatic home charging base makes the RolliBot easy to operate with little to no upkeep.

Mopping Attachment

The mopping attachment makes it easy to mop your hardwood, tile, and laminate flooring. The microfiber mopping cloth is Velcro attached and re-useable.

UV Sterilization

The UV Sterilization light emits UV light at 253.7nm spectrum which kills germs and bacteria on contact. Just enable the UV Sterilization light during the RolliBot cleaning cycle and it will kill the germs living in your floor.

Automatically Recharge with Home Base

RolliBot will automatically return to its home base to recharge when it is low on battery or when it has completed a cleaning cycle. Just program the RolliBot to clean on a regular schedule and when it is done cleaning, it will return to its home back to charge and be ready for the next day’s cleaning cycle. RolliBot is designed for simplicity and easy operation, making your home cleaner and your life easier.

Four Cleaning Modes

RolliBot includes four cleaning modes:

1. Auto Cleaning Mode, automatically adjust the cleaning pattern to best fit the current room.

2. Spot Cleaning Mode, cleans intensively in a spiral pattern when it detects a dirty area.

3. Edge Cleaning Mode, cleans along walls and obstacles.

4. Zig-Zag Mode, cleans in a zig-zag pattern for open area and mopping.

3B Tech Part Number: HE-VC-ROLI-BL618-BK


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