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Viotek Tru-Comfort Climate Controlled Auto Seat Cushion with Heating & Cooling Control (Beige / Tan)

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Price: $ 169.99


Remember those blistering hot summer days when we open our cars and sit down on the burning seats, and we could almost hear the sizzling sound right under us? How about when in the bone chilling winter we sit in the ice cold seat shivering, starting the car and wishing the heat can just magically blow out of the vent? Obviously, heated and cooled car seats have been around for quite some time, but only available on luxury vehicles. A $50,000 or even a $60,000 sticker price is out of reach for most of us.

Here at Viotek USA, we’re consumers ourselves.  So we set out to develop that kind of luxury option at an EXTREMELY affordable price. The concept is rather simple--- an add-on seat cushion with a heating and ventilated cooling function. In reality, this was easier said than done. The reason is rather simple, ---at Viotek USA, we chase perfection. To create a seat cushion material thin enough to fit most auto seats perfectly, soft enough for hours of seated comfort, yet packing in an additional heating layer, cooling layer, and ventilating layer, an isolation layer, cushion layers, and leather layers was a total nightmare for us. After a few years of rigorous testing and design we’ve turned our simple idea into a simply amazing product.

Take a glance at the synthetic leather surface, you will already be amazed by the fine craftsmanship in making. It is so soft yet supportive. Part of our rigorous testing was to compress the cushion with 600 pounds over 100,000 times to ensure the material we crafted could sustain a profuse amount of stress without compromising its cushioning, durability, comfort or functionality. If you pay attention to the seat surface, you will find those small dimples. Not only do they make the seat look so upscale, they are also certainly packed with technology. The honey comb design within the superstructure of the cushion maximizes the airflow through them. As soon as you sit on the cushion and turn on the ventilation mode, these dimples act like hundreds of tiny vacuums. They immediately start to pull hot air away from your body and evaporate away your sweat leaving you feeling quite comfortable.

You’re probably thinking “This cushion seems to be packed with technology, but how comfortable is it?” Almost all seat cushions on the market not only cause you discomfort in your lower body and back, they blow air up, right into your skin. Imagine yourself literally on top of a fan; does the word comfort come to mind at all? Worst yet, since your body is pressed to the cushion, the air doesn’t really have anywhere to escape with your sweat -- which is really what generates a cooling sensation. Our Viotek seat cushion is THE one and only product on the market that has a patented air extracting technology. So no matter if you just sweat a little or you have hyperhidrosis, our seat cushion continually draws away moisture keeping you in constant comfort. Now let me ask you this, can you put a dollar amount on all that comfort?  

3B Tech Part Number: AM-VT-SC-CH-TAN


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